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John David Hicks, Evangelist/Bible Teacher

Tape/CD Ministry

All Tape/CD Money goes for travel to World Missions.

John David Hicks has received invitations to minister at pastorsí conferences and to do city-wide crusades from pastors and churches in Africa, China, South America and Korea. These Christian brethren are unable to cover his travel costs. So to help with this expenditure, the money from these tapes and CDís will help pay his travel expenses. Thank you for your help.

If you would like to order tapes, please call, write or e-mail me. Albums now available:

The Deeper Christian Life $19.95 (tapes or CDs)
1. Disciple or Dapper
What it means to be a Disciple.

2. Filled with the Holy Spirit .
Filled and Empowered by the Holy Sprit.

3. The Making of the Man of God.
Growing in Grace and Faith.

4. Godís School of Life.
Lessons of Life we must all learn.

Understanding Divine Healing $14.95 (tapes or CDs)
1. The Great Physician.
God ministers to the total person.

2. Healing, Godís Plan.
The Atonement, Receiving Faith and Questions

3. Sin, Forgiveness and Healing
The Root Causes of Sickness

 Knowing the God of the Bible $9.95 (tapes or CDs)
1. What Kind of God do you serve?
Your concept of God will dictate your enjoyment of Life and your relation-ship to other people.

2. Counterfeit Conversions
The foundation of true conversion to God.

Pastors Conference on Healing and Deliverance    $39.95 (tapes or CDs)

Session One: My Personal Journey in Healing
Session Two: A Gospel of Healing -- Scriptural Proof
Session Three: Stumbling Blocks of Faith
Session Four: Bible Faith--Godís Kind of Faith
Session Five: Healing and Deliverance Steps
Session Six: Hearing Godís Voice and Wordís of Knowledge
Session Seven: Breaking Curses and Generational Bondages
Session Eight: Unleashing --The Lordship of Jesus

Jesus came to save, heal and deliver and commissioned us to carryon His mission. The purpose of this Pastors Conference was to give basic, practical instruction on healing and deliverance. It contains general instructions and methods you can use in ministry. There is no substitute for experience in praying for healing and deliverance. When you get involved in healing and deliverance your faith and ministry will grow. The Holy Spirit is a wonderful teacher. He will guide you as you step out by faith.

A ďHealing and Deliverance Seminar ManualĒ is available at a cost of $15.00.