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Announcing a Fresh New Approach to Evangelism & Renewal with  Evangelist John David Hicks

Looking for a new fresh approach for your next revival meeting? John has developed a program that combines the teaching ministry of a seminar with the evangelistic thrust of a revival. He wants to make the meeting exciting, informative, and character building. To this end, he uses audio-visual aids, handouts and notebooks. The purpose of his whole ministry is to promote love, unity, and obedience to God, resulting in real revival.

For more information about meetings with John David Hicks, see our Vision page. To see what others have to say, you may also be interested in the Recommendations page, or the Pastorís reports from Seminars and local church Revivals.

The information given in following pages describe the different types of meetings, crusades, seminars, and revivals that John David Hicks gives.

Local Church Meetings

Information is given about how to schedule and acquire additional information about a local church meeting.

City-Wide Crusades 

Information is given about why you should have a city-wide crusade, how to prepare, how to get Christians involved and ready for the crusade, and how to schedule a meeting.


Descriptions of two different seminars are listed and reports are given from various churches who have heard the seminars.