Cleansing A Church & Breaking Strongholds

By John David Hicks, Evangelist © 2004

Oppressive strongholds take root for a reason.

1. Confess any sins of the past.
-Have prayer team ask God what the problem is and what we need to do.
-Ask God what sin was committed in the Church and what spirit is over the Church; fear, sickness, independent, greed, selfishness etc.
-Pray and ask forgiveness for any sins.

2. Cleanse the property of any demonic presence.
-Ask if cursed by witches or bitter people.
-Ask about any sins on the property or town; break any curses

3. Ask God for a fresh vision and blessing for the church.
-Walk the property and put 4 stakes on the property corners.
-Ask God for 4 scriptures for the corners and make copies for pastor.
-Pray in every Room; ask God if any sin in this room that needs to be broken. Then anoint the windows and door posts with oil; including the attic and basement. Pray a pray of blessing and protection. Overcome evil with Good.
-Serve communion, the Lord’s Supper and bury on the property the communion cups and plate that was used. Claim the property for God. Ask the Lord to have His angels protect the property and people from evil.

PRAYER: Our Father in heaven, we renounce anything that is of the occult or satanic or any secret society that binds us or this church. We have confessed all known sins and curses.

We believe that on the cross Jesus took every sin and curse that could ever come upon us or this church. By your authority and the “blood of the lamb,” we now release ourselves and this church from every sin and evil influence, from any source whatsoever, in the name of Jesus Christ.

We thank you Lord that you have heard our prayer and every sin and curse over this church has been revoked and canceled. Your Word says that you have delivered us from the domain of darkness and translated us into the kingdom of light and love. Satan has no claim on us or this church. By faith we now receive this release and we thank you for it. Amen.


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